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Probate / Guardianship

Probate / Guardianship

Our aging population has created a need to protect our elders – those who have cared for us when we were young or needed it the most. We understand how important it is to take care of these special people in your life and to protect them in their vulnerable years. This isn’t just a legal specialty to us: it’s a life philosophy. A value that isn’t taught in some law school class.

From managing probate to making arrangements for a loved one can no longer take care of him or herself, we understand these issues aren’t just “legal” issues: they’re personal.

And because they’re so personal, this area of law requires a level of not just professional experience or expert understanding of the health care system, but a personal touch and understanding… caring for our clients.

That’s a core value Galbut Walters believes in; it’s not just “business.” It’s about people.