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Who should you name as your child’s guardian?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Probate & Guardianship

If you have a minor child, guardianship designation should be one of the documents in your estate plan. It’s crucial to appoint someone to take care of them when you are unable to. But who should you choose?

The choice is yours; you can pick a family member or close friend. But the party you name should meet some qualities, including:


It may be easier for a child to cope with a new life if a certain sense of familiarity is maintained. For example, you can name someone with an existing bond with your child as their guardian. This may make it easier for them both.

Choosing a loved one with a child who is age-mates with your child may also provide familiarity. Further, it can be beneficial if your child stays in the same school. Therefore, you may need to choose someone who lives near you.


Chances are you want your child to be raised around particular values, including religious beliefs, educational views, morals, parenting style and so on. Thus, consider choosing a party with such values.


Age is not necessarily a deal breaker when choosing a guardian for your child, but it’s vital to consider it. Even though your parents may be willing to and capable of raising your child, will they be able to do it comfortably when your child gets to high school?

It may be challenging for them to meet their grandkid’s social and emotional support then, as they may be dealing with their own health issues by that point. Naming a backup guardian is a wise precaution.

You should get legal help to make informed decisions to protect your child’s future.